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LEED decisively contributes to the creation of Added Value for Green Plaza, offering the asset a competitive advantage on both national and international levels. The green building certification system contributes to the maximization of synergies among all parties involved in the Project, towards the improvement of its general environmental behaviour. Certified projects save energy, have significantly reduced pollutants, achieve reduced water usage, re-use and recycle their waste. The above, secure economies of scale and reduced operational costs, while at the same time asset and infrastructure installation life, is significantly prolonged. LEED certified assets are characterized by healthy and upgraded working spaces which decisively contribute to increased productivity and user satisfaction levels.

Among others, following LEED certification, Green Plaza has achieved the following:

Significant reduction in energy consumption costs
Reduction of drinking water consumption for irrigation purposes
Attenuated light pollution
Use of refrigerants with reduced ozone pollution indicator.
Surrounding area that’s environmentally and aesthetically upgraded.
High quality internal conditions which will contribute in increased productivity and satisfaction levels.
High levels of thermal comfort.
Internal spaces with natural light.
Clean building site during construction phase with the implementation of a full program of environmental management.
Reduction of the “urban heat island” phenomenon following the green roofs installation...
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Implementation of extended commissioning program related to E/M installations, to secure effective building system operation...
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Separation of construction waste from sanitary landfill deposit of over 75%
Green Plaza is a “green” asset which sets the basis for the creation of a framework of sustainable development in the real estate sector. At the same time Green Plaza has become a “live”, interactive and dynamic example, by projecting the ideal building, its relation to the environment and its direct impact to the economy and the society.
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