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The redevelopment took into consideration the holistic sustainable orientation of the project, from practices applied during construction to material specifications and operation upon completion.
The most important specifications of the project were: leaf

1. Clean building site during construction

2. Minimized nuisance on construction phase

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3. Separation of construction waste from sanitary landfill deposit of over 75%

4. Selection and installation of materials with high levels of recycled content and materials produced or extracted in Greece

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5. Exclusion of toxic materials which burden the internal space quality and the health of the users (glue, paints, e.t.c.)

6. Replacement of windows with double, energy efficient glasses and thermal protection aluminum parts

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7. Replacement of central air-conditioning system and of the local units, with modern, low consumption system of reduced environmental impact

8. Thermal insulation of the buildings to maintain internal space temperatures and minimize losses and unnecessary air conditioning usage

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9. Installation of external movable blinds to reduce solar radiation & achieve energy consumption savings

10. Installation of low consumption LED lighting in common areas

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11. Management of electro-mechanical installations through a Building Management System

12. Development of green roofs

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13. Planting of the surrounding asset area with low watering requirements

14. Collection of rain water for irrigation purposes

15. Recycling services

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